Project title: Brillouin Quantum Memory

Supervisor: Dr Josh Nunn and Dr Michael Vanner

Project description

Photonics is a very promising platform for quantum communication, sensing and computa tion. Using light to encode information o ers the advantage of high bandwidth operation without noise in ambient conditions. However, scaling up is currently not possible because the non-deterministic operations of linear optics cannot be eciently combined. What is required is a quantum memory; a device capable of storing and releasing photonic quantum signals coherently and on-demand.

Many groups around the world are working to develop this enabling technology, but to date no single system has been able to demonstrate the desired combination of ecient, broadband and noise free operation at room temperature in the solid state. In this project we aim to satisfy these criteria by exploiting cavity-enhanced Brillouin scattering in bulk diamond and in silica microresonators.