Where did you do your last degree and what subject was it in?

My first degree was an integrated Masters in Chemistry from the University of Leeds. rossschofield

What was your final year or Masters project?

I’d done my Masters project in computational chemistry, and once I’d graduated I did office temp work and travelled for a year.

Why did you choose quantum engineering?

The QSE course appealed to me as it allowed me go back towards practical work.

What are your research interests?

I always found quantum mechanics interesting.

Why did you decided to do a PhD?

I had always wanted to do a PhD when I was younger, however I was unsure of myself by the end of my undergrad degree. After reflection, and actually having to work a job, I realized that I did still love the idea of learning and performing research, so I decided to start a PhD hunt.

What did you choose the CDT route?

A CDT allowed me to experience the subject before I picked a fully-fledged PhD project in it. Since starting, the multi-discipline background within the CDT has also been a big upside, as it allows us to help each other with problems outside what we have each experienced previously.

Why Imperial?

Imperial is a highly ranked University located centrally in London.

What are your hobbies and other interests?

When I’m not attempting to do quantum mechanics, I’ve been enjoying exploring London, especially its pubs.