EPSRC Doctoral Studentships

We will be offering  studentships for the combined 1+3 MSc/PhD in Quantum Engineering starting in October 2018.  This covers the tuition fees and a tax free monthly qsestipend. These fully funded studentships will be offered in the following reasearch areas:

Optimal control of quantum matter

Quantum Programming

Quantum simulation of materials on a quantum computer

Microwave quantum optics

Mechanical gravimeters at the quantum limits

Quantum mechanical oscillators for sensing

In addition to the above, we offer the following studentships:

Toshiba Joint Project Studentship

Semiconductor Quantum Devices

The PhD project will involve experiments on semiconductor devices and circuits that can be used to generate, manipulate and detect quantum states of light and explore their applications in quantum information technology. The work is mostly experimental in nature and will involve the design, fabrication and characterisation of photonic devices based on semiconductor quantum dots. The project will realise discrete components and photonic integrated circuits that can be applied to long distance quantum communications (quantum relays and repeaters), as well as quantum information processing.  

NPL Partner Studentships

The following Partner Studentships are available through the National Physical Laboratory (NPL). 

Students choosing to work with either Toshiba or NPL will join the EPSRC funded doctoral training cohort for the first year MSc: the academic courses, labwork and cohort activities are exactly the same. You will then undrtake your research project with either Toshiba or NPL.

How to Apply

Applications should be submitted online. There is no deadline for the partner project studentships. Applications will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis, so early applications are recommended. Please see instructions on how to make an online applicationIf you are applying for either the Toshiba project or an NPL project, please specify your interest in these in your personal statement of the application. Once you apply for a project partner scholarship, please contact the Hub Administrator, Indaka Weerasekera

Both the EPSRC doctoral studentships and partner project studentships are available for UK citizens and some EU nationals. For more information please see our FAQ.