Imperial Racing Green was formed in 2010 from the previously separate Racing Green and Imperial Racing teams, which had developed alternative powertrain and internal combustion engine vehicles respectively. With the amalgamation of the teams came a shift to focus on sustainable powertrains and future technologies.

After the merger in 2011 Imperial Racing Green competed in Formula Student with the battery electric vehicle IRG04 in july 2011, which was a legacy of the Racing Green team

In the 2012 edition of Formula Student the biofuel powered combustion engine car IC06 competed, this was a legacy of the Imperial Racing team.

Over the summer of 2012 the IRG and IC designations were retired and the team designed and built a new, lithium ion battery-powered vehicle, EV2  to compete in the 2013 running of Formula Student. This car took part in five Formula Student races.

Around the same time as the merger the IC+ team, building an electric motorbike to race at the Isle of Man TT races was formed and was included under the Imperial Racing Green banner.

Imperial Racing (2000 to 2011)

Imperial Racing has been involved with the design of vehicles for Formula Student since 2000, with their first entry, IC01 coming first in Class 2 in 2001 and 22nd in Class 2 in 2003. The next entry IC02 improved on these results, again coming first in Class 2 in 2004, followed by coming 17th in Class 1 in 2005, picking up the fastest sprint time by a UK entry and the third fastest endurance time along the way. This was followed by IC03 which was entered only into the Class 2 competition.

Following this success the Imperial Racing team experienced some difficulties, with the next two entries into Class 1 IC04 and IC05 failing to compete.

Racing Green (2007-2011)

Racing Green was founded in 2007 to initially design and built go-karts for entry into the Formula Zero competition for hydrogen fuel cell go-karts. The first vehicle IRG01 was a battery - fuel cell hybrid and was only used for promotional events. IRG02, a supercapacitor - fuel cell hybrid, competed in the Formula Zero championship. IRG02 was the most reliable go-cart in the 2008 season coming third at the inaugural race in Rotterdam, and again coming third in the 2009 European Series.