Here you can find all information and links related to ROAR, from the types and sizes of reactors available to tips-and-tricks for the perfect kinetics experiment or UPLC analysis.

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  • Wanna know in what volume you can run kinetics experiments? Or are you curious about how many reactions per plate you can run on our HT robots? Or are you wondering if we have a photochemical flow reactor? (spoiler: yes, we do!) HERE you can find the list of types and sizes of reactors available in ROAR.
  • Are you interested in LC-MS analysis, but you don't know what buffer is suitable for you? HERE is a link to our approved buffer solutions and other information about buffers for LC-MS.
  • HOW do I choose a standard? And WHAT can I choose as standard? HERE is a check-list for the choice of standards for quantitative chromatographic analysts and a list of suggested standards to be used for LC and GC.
  • Problems with GC inlet? HERE is how to replace a liner and other small troubleshooting.