We encourage and support staff to pursue challenging frontier research and innovative approaches to translation and applications.

We have the courage to do things differently. We are investing £2 billion in our new campus at White City, which is a bold transformation of the traditional university campus model. Rather than keeping research, industry, healthcare and societal engagement apart, Imperial’s new White City Campus will break down barriers and bring these different areas together, increasing the chance of serendipitous interaction.

We are building an environment where researchers can be bold, push back the boundaries of their fields, and feel supported in judicious risk-taking. We want to pioneer new, fast-growing research areas, and have created the The President's Excellence Fund for Frontier Research to help researchers pursue challenges that are at the forefront of creating new knowledge and therefore are unlikely to be supported by conventional funding opportunities. We have also established a series of seed funds to spark international collaboration involving research with MIT in the United States, Tsinghua University in China, and institutions across Europe and Africa.

Innovation and entrepreneurship are an important means of generating impact from our research. Imperial has built a unique innovation and enterprise ecosystem to enable our world leading community of staff and students to act boldly and courageously in identifying and pursuing new opportunities. From supporting research collaborations with industry, to advising entrepreneurial staff and students through the Imperial Venture Mentoring Service, we continue to strengthen our support and service provision for entrepreneurship and innovation.Professor Irene Miguel-Aliaga

Professor Irene Miguel-Aliaga from the Institute of Clinical Sciences has recently been awarded a prestigious ERC Advanced grant to carry out groundbreaking ‘blue skies’ research. Professor Miguel-Aliaga researches the changes in organ size, shape and volume that occur in response to different events that happen to the organism, such as reproduction, as well as the differences in organs between males and females.