Hello current, past, and potential Horizon 2020 research-funding applicants!

We wanted to reach out to encourage you to consider the many remaining funding opportunities in Horizon 2020, until the end of this year, some highlighted here below. Please get in touch with any of us in the Research Office EU Team directly to discuss your interests or any questions you might have, about current projects, proposals, and the next programme.

This call will cross many topics of interest to Imperial investigators, from wildfire research, to climate neutral cities and climate resistant regions, clean energy, the circular economy, sustainable food, biodiversity, health protection, and citizen participation and behavioural change. 

The UK’s Knowledge Transfer Network and National Contact Points recently ran a webinar on the Green deal call from which they have made available the 2020 Green Deal call KTN seminar presentation slides [pdf].  In addition, the UK Research Office is running a webinar event on 4th August, open only to subscribing organisations such as Imperial. If you are registered with UKRO you can visit their page to sign up for this event.

Please note that although the deadlines will close in January 2021, it is still a Horizon 2020 call and participation of UK entities (including acting as Coordinator) will be unchanged as for all other Horizon 2020 projects.

€328M total budget, opening 8th April 2020, deadline 9th September 2020

The MSCA Individual Fellowships provide opportunities to experienced researchers of any nationality to acquire and transfer new knowledge and to work on research and innovation in a European host institution. Imperial has always been very successful in the annual calls, outpacing the overall success rates, and has hosted almost 100 MSCA IFs in Horizon 2020 including 22 from the most recent results announced recently. We would encourage PIs to consider making an application with an interested researcher to host an MSCA IF in your group. The EU Team ran our annual information session on this scheme on Wednesday 27th May so please see our EU presentations page for the slides. The EU Team offers guidance notes and proposal advice - if that is of interest please get in touch with us at an early stage of drafting to let us know that you’d like our help, so that we can anticipate demand and plan how best to meet your needs in the weeks leading up to the deadline.

Those interested in this call can also register for the UKRO webinar events on various aspects of the call - you can find more information on UKRO's MSCA National Contact Point events page.

€80M total budget, opened 5th December 2019, deadline 12th May 2020

The MSCA RISE scheme promotes international and cross-sector collaboration through exchanging research and innovation staff and sharing knowledge and ideas from research to market (and vice-versa). These are consortium level projects which are great opportunities to develop research partnerships, between sectors, and within and outside of Europe. Although we are not running an info session on this scheme, it is still well-used by Imperial teams and we would be happy to discuss your interest in the scheme in person or by phone.

€492M total budget, ~209 grants, opening 14th May 2020, deadline 26th August 2020

The Advanced Grant will fund excellent Principal Investigators who are established research leaders with a recognised (10-year) track record of research achievement. The EU Team ran our annual information session on this scheme on Wednesday 3rd June so please see the EU presentations page for the slides. We will again offer guidance notes and proposal review in case that is of help to you. Please note that there will be no ERC Synergy call in 2020 and no further ERC Starting or ERC Consolidator calls in 2020. (There will be calls for Proof of Concept grants for existing ERC grant holders). Imperial investigators are currently awaiting final outcomes on the ERC Advanced Grant 2019 call (anticipated ~ April), and the first stage outcomes on the ERC Starting Grant 2020 (anticipated ~April) and ERC Consolidator Grant 2020 calls (anticipated ~ July).

These calls will cover mainly consortium level research across a range of areas, including Better Health and Care, Space, Next Generation Batteries, Green Vehicles, Secure Clean Efficient Energy, Mobility for Growth, Security, ICT, AI, and so on... These are all listed in a filterable and searchable Excel sheet on our EU Team webpages or on the EC’s Funding and Tenders Portal interface. Importantly €1Bn in NEW ADDITIONAL funding in the final year of Horizon 2020 was announced as part of the EU Green deal and these opportunities will start to be published on the EC’s Funding and Tenders portal in due course.

Finally, for those of you who have held grants, you may have already received this from the EC directly but please take note of the Horizon Impact 2020 Award, five awards of €10,000 each to recognise and celebrate outstanding projects that have used their results to provide value for society. Applications must be made by 15th April 2020.

We hope this helps, good luck with your proposals, and if you have any questions about participating in EU projects please get in touch. We can also put you in touch with the National Contact Point for the relevant scheme or topic, and these are often useful sources of additional information.

Research Office EU Team