PostOnce a GCRF project is completed, there are continuing obligations for the PI and research support team to report financial expenditure on time, while monitoring and reporting the future outputs and impacts of the research:

1)     Final Expenditure Statements

All Research Council projects, including GCRF awards, are required to submit a final statement of all expenditure incurred on the project, which Faculty Research Services teams will generate. All expenditure must contain a verifiable audit trail which includes receipts and purchase confirmations where possible.

PIs must remember that partner expenses are Imperial’s responsibility and where possible and feasible evidence of partner expenditure should be available for audit.

Archive and Corporate Records outlines the retention schedule for most types of College documents on their website. For most expenditure records the policy advises retention for the current financial year + 6 years.

2)     Researchfish

RCUK and a number of other funders require PIs to complete an annual return of outputs and impacts on Researchfish – its online outcomes submission system. GCRF projects funded directly by RCUK funders will have a similar requirement during the lifetime of the award and for 5 years after completion.

3)     Acknowledging Funding and Tracking Research Impact

Research teams and partners should continue to acknowledge the source of funding, where possible, in subsequent publications, media statements and in conference papers even after the project has concluded.

PIs should give some thought to the tracking of ongoing research impact arising from GCRF projects and the mechanism that could be put in place with various partners and local contractors to measure this. This information may be repurposed for academic publication, annual Researchfish reporting, departmental publicity and, potentially, for Research Excellence Framework Impact Case studies.