If you are aware of an institutional limit on an external bid that is not listed below, please contact researchoffice.fundingstrategy@imperial.ac.uk

Open External Calls

Simons Foundation Investigator Programs

Deadline: 4pm, 7 September 2020

For further detail please contact: Sara Lamas Oliveira Marques

The Simons Foundation has invited Imperial to submit up to two nominations in each of the Mathematics, (Theoretical) Physics, (Theoretical)  Astrophysics and Theoretical Computer Science programs and up to one additional nomination in Theoretical Physics in Life Sciences. A Simons Investigator is appointed for an initial period of five years for up to $132,000 per year. Appointments will begin August 1, 2021. An Investigator will receive research support in the amount of $100,000 per year. An additional $10,000 per year will be provided to the Investigator’s department. The Investigator’s institution will receive an additional 20 percent per year in indirect costs.

To be eligible to be nominated for an Investigator award, a scientist must be engaged in theoretical research in mathematics, physics (or theoretical physics in life sciences), astrophysics or computer science and must not have previously been a Simons Investigator. He/she must be midcareer (typically, early-stage tenured full professors), have a primary appointment as a tenured faculty member at an educational institution and the primary department affiliation must have a PhD program (note that the appointment need not be in a mathematics, physics, astrophysics or computer science department). A nominee must be in place at the institution submitting the nomination at the time of the appointment start date. Please read the additional eligibility information. 

How to apply

The Simons Foundation requests that nominations be treated confidentially – the nominees should not know they are being nominated, if possible. Imperial is only permitted to nominate two candidates per category and one additional nomination in Theoretical Physics in Life Science. Nominations should be submitted by the Head of Department or their delegate. Departments should identify their preferred candidates and submit the following documents to researchoffice.fundingstrategy@imperial.ac.uk by 4pm 7 September 2020. 

  1. A nomination letter detailing why the nominee should be selected, explaining the distinctive scientific contributions of the nominee of the past five years and including discussion of a few important papers. This should clearly state which category the nomination is for (max 2 pages).
  2. A copy of the nominee’s CV (with detail as specified in the scheme guidance documents)

STFC and EPSRC Research Software Engineer Fellowships 2020

Deadline: 9am Monday 13 July 2020 (for outline internal submission)

For further detail please contact: Suzanne Husein

STFC and EPSRC have announced the Research Software Engineer Fellowships 2020 call.  Information on the scheme remit, scope, criteria and offering can be found in the call document.  Institutions are limited to submitting only two outline bids.  Individuals interested in applying should submit the following to researchoffice.fundingstrategy@imperial.ac.uk by 9am Monday 13 July 2020, copying the Head of Department that would host the fellowship.

  1. Outline Case for Support: (up to four pages), including:
  • A brief summary of your career to date
  • A brief explanation of why you feel the RSE Fellowship is appropriate for you and how it will develop your career
  • A brief description of the work you plan to undertake during your Fellowship to include:
    1. the aims and objectives of your proposal
    2. a project summary
    3. details of any work packages you propose to include in your proposal
    4. outcomes from your Fellowship; and
    5. how your proposal fits to EPSRC or STFC strategic priorities.
  • A brief explanation of the area of research software engineering you will work in, including the research area(s) or institutions you will support, and their importance
  • A brief explanation of the communities/research groups that will benefit from the work of your Fellowship; and
  • A brief explanation about how you demonstrate leadership potential
  1. CV (up to two pages)
  2. Justification of the resources requested (up to two pages)

EPSRC Strategic Equipment 2020

Deadline : COB Tuesday 7 July 2020 (for business case internal submission)

For further detail please contact Suzanne Husein.   

EPSRC has announced a new round of the EPSRC Strategic Equipment process. EPSRC strongly encourages a strategic approach to the submission of business cases and therefore the College has agreed the following internal selection process, in an effort to manage the timing of bids for maximal success and to provide an opportunity for Professor Nick Jennings, Vice-Provost (Research and Enterprise), to offer institutional approval to bids.

Individuals interested in applying to this call should initially submit a 2-page business case to  researchoffice.fundingstrategy@imperial.ac.uk by COB Tuesday 7 July 2020,outlining the strategic need for the equipment and including the following information. 

  • Item
  • Vendor
  • Description of equipment and its primary functions
  • Cost
  • Usage
  • Support
  • Strategic Case
  • Ensuring Maximum Value
  • Contribution from Other Sources
  • Alternatives 

Applicants are expected to have engaged with EPSRC prior to developing an outline to confirm the suitability of their bid and to provide information to this effect with their submission to CCRPRG.  Contact details for EPSRC representatives can be found here (see bottom of page).

RAEng Fellowships 2020

Deadline: 30 July 2020

For further detail please contactDr Mark Bambury

The Royal Academy of Engineering will again be running their Research Fellowships and Engineering for Development Research Fellowships scheme this year. RAEng have announced an additional fellowship which will be considered in this year’s scheme, the RAEng/Orthopaedic Research UK Research Fellowship. Applications to this scheme will be considered separately to the other applications. This means that the College’s submission limit will be 3 standard applications, plus one additional candidate from an under-represented group, plus one additional candidate to the new Fellowship in collaboration with Orthopaedic Research UK.

The Internal deadline for Departmental nominations to be submitted to Research Office is 30 July 2020. Applications to be considered as one of the College’s submissions to RAEng must come from Departmental representatives, if you are interested in being considered, please contact your Department (or the Department in which you will be hosted if you are external to the College) in the first instance. Heads of Department or their representative should submit up to 3 applications, 2 standard plus one additional if submitting for an RAEng/Orthopaedic Research UK Research Fellowship, each submission should be accompanied by:

 Eligible candidates should be early career researchers within four years of their PhD undertaking an engineering-focused research project. Further details about the scheme and eligibility can be found on the Academy webpages: https://www.raeng.org.uk/grants-prizes/grants/support-for-research/raeng-research-fellowship.

Pre-call announcement: Centres Competition 2020

Expected Deadline: 12:00 (noon) 6 May

For further detail please contact Dr Louise Sherlock

Details of the call are yet to be released, please consider this advanced warning of the call and the fact that it will be managed due to the limited submission mandate. The deadline for the outline stage is anticipated to be late June. Imperial will have the opportunity to submit no more than one application to the outline stage of the competition. ESRC will be looking for evidence of long-term institutional commitment, including additional financial resources from the Research Organisation, to extend the work programme beyond the 100% fEC funding requested.

Internal Application process 

As this is a limited submission process, it will be managed by Imperial’s Research Office. Interested PIs should submit the following documents to researchoffice.fundingstrategy@imperial.ac.uk by midday 6 May

  1. A 4-page case for support - This should cover the same main areas as will be required for ESRC, details of which will be in the call guidance when it is released.
  2. A letter from Head of Department - This should clearly state what support will be provided for the proposal, both financial (to meet the ESRC requirements) and strategic. 

Full details of the scheme can be found here:  https://esrc.ukri.org/funding/funding-opportunities/pre-call-announcement-centres-competition-2020/

Please note that Imperial will not be submitting to Research England`s Expanding Excellence in England (E3) Funding call.

AXA Chair

There are two opportunities per year to put someone forward for an AXA Chair position. Imperial is only permitted to submit one candidate per year, and the process is managed centrally. Departments interested in using the scheme to attract an individual to the College should initially approach researchoffice.fundingstrategy@imperial.ac.uk stating the individual that they wish to attract and the strategic benefit to the College of pursuing an application. If the Vice-Provost (Research and Enterprise) is convinced of the strategic need, and the College has not met its application limit, the department will be informed of the next steps to continue the process.

NERC Standard Grant rounds (July and January closing dates)

In 2015, NERC introduced a Demand Management quota system, whereby institutions whose 6-round success rate for Standard Grants (response mode, including New Investigator grants) fell below 20% received a cap on the number of proposals they could submit for that financial year's rounds. Imperial is currently subject to this demand management quota, and will be affected by an institutional cap of 7 submissions for each of the July 2019 and January 2020 rounds. To manage the cap and increase the quality of proposals being submitted to avoid future restriction, an internal review group has been established to aid in the support (and selection where required) of bids. 

For further details of how to submit your proposal to the internal NERC Proposals Review Group and the key dates for the next upcoming round under Demand Management measures, please visit our dedicated NERC Standard Grant Demand Management page.

Ongoing calls

Selected and ongoing bids

Schmidt Science Fellows In partnership with the Rhodes Trust

Imperial College London was selected to nominate 5 outstanding young scientists for the Schmidt Science Fellows program.  This is a post-doctoral fellowship “intending to transcend the traditional confinements of science, enabling interdisciplinary thinking to tackle pivotal challenges and create a long lasting positive societal impact”.

An internal process was put in place to nominate these five, who will submit their applications to the funder by end of October 2018, with decisions announced in Spring 2019. Applications were open to all Natural Sciences, Mathematics, Engineering and Computing PhD fellows internal submissions had to be made by the relevant Head of Department by 7 August 2018.  After review, 5 candidates have been chosen to proceed with their application to the Schmidt Science Fellows programme.

Any queries should be directed to Dr Mark Bambury.