This section features useful links within the College’s website to help you find a potential sponsor.

Each application must be supported by a sponsor who is a senior, permanent member of staff within the Academic and Research Family at Imperial College, most likely a Principal Investigator. Where an interdisciplinary project is proposed it is possible to include additional sponsors but there is a requirement for a lead sponsor.

Applicants are required to move from their existing sponsor to a new one, to increase both their independence and their breadth of experience.

It is your responsibility to find a sponsor to support your application and mentor you throughout the fellowship; applications that are not fully supported by an identified Sponsor will not be considered. Sponsors must be in a position to provide equipment and space to Imperial College Research Fellows. Sponsors must be permanent members of staff at Imperial; Honorary members of staff are not eligible to be Sponsors.

Sponsors are limited to support a single fellowship application in each competition and may only sponsor one Imperial College Research Fellow at any one time. Candidates are encouraged to approach their preferred sponsor at the earliest opportunity to discuss their interest and available to support a fellowship application.