Training Approach

Training for departmental super users will be provided via e-learning.  There will be a range of training videos covering all aspects of system functionality.  Numerous guidance documents will also be provided that will include further details where appropriate.  These are currently due for release in March.  A training version of the system will also be available for users to familiarise themselves and to reinforce their training in their own time.  “Drop-in” sessions on Teams will be held in April for those users that have completed all e-learning and still have any questions or clarifications to ask the Research Office Worktribe team.

Staff in Research Services / Joint Research Office that are responsible for awarding successful applications will receive group training via Teams due to the more complex nature of that area of functionality.

Key users will be contacted regarding training at the appropriate stage and further details, including how to access these materials, will be added to this page in due course.

Migration of InfoEd Records

All InfoEd records that have been fully approved and submitted to a funder before the system is taken down to go-live with Worktribe will be migrated.  This will include full details of the cost and price as well as attachments.  For applications to the EU Commission or industry funders, full approval is not always completed in InfoEd until later in the process.  Users may wish to pay particular attention to these records to ensure their status is appropriate if it should be migrated into Worktribe.

System Downtime

There will be a period of downtime when Worktribe goes live during which neither InfoEd nor Worktribe will be available.  It is intended that this period will fall across a weekend though will continue into the start of the following week as well.  The precise date is still to be determined as it will depend on any key funder submission deadlines.  This information will be provided nearer the time once any relevant deadlines have been published.