Project Board

The development phase of the PARMS project was overseen by a board of staff from across College.  The board was chaired by Lynne Cox, Director of the Research Office, who was the overall project owner.  The board was responsible for overall direction, governance, management and decision-making to ensure the project was meeting College requirements.

Board Members
Lynne Cox Director, Research Office & Project Owner Research Office
Karuna Andrews Project Manager  ICT
Ian McArdle Head of Research Systems & Information Research Office
Cindi Lai Head of Research Support Services Research Office
Richard Martin Faculty Operating Officer / Director of Academic Services Faculty of Engineering / Academic Services
Brooke Alasya Research Services Manager Faculty of Natural Sciences
Nazia Hirjee Faculty Operating Officer Faculty of Natural Sciences
Scott Wheatley Head of Grants Faculty of Medicine
Shaun Power Research Services Manager Faculty of Engineering
Alun Owen Research Manager National Heart & Lung Institute
David Wilson Head of Research Support Business School
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Worktribe Development

Following a comprehensive tendering process, Worktribe Ltd was selected as the preferred supplier.  A series of 'discovery sessions' were held to compare Worktribe's functionality with the College's requirements.  When the discovery sessions were concluded, a number of proposed deliverables were drawn up for additional system development by Worktribe.  The project included this additional development of Worktribe's standard product to provide extra benefits for users and to ensure useful functionality which currently exists within InfoEd is not lost in the new system.

This additional development was overseen by the Research Office’s Research Systems and Information Team, guided by an Advisory Group of expert users from Departments and Faculty Research Services to ensure the system met the needs of users. The development phase of the PARMS project was completed by Worktribe with full “sign off” from the Advisory Group. The group also provided their expertise to advise on the implementation of the system.

Advisory Group
 Scott Wheatley  Head of Grants  Faculty of Medicine
 Shaun Power  Research Services Manager  Faculty of Engineering
 Brooke Alasya  Research Services Manager  Faculty of Natural Sciences
 Martin Waller  Grants Manager  Faculty of Medicine
 Louise Hayward  Research Operations & Experiments Manager  Physics
 Claire Tibble  Research Finance Manager  Materials
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