Be aware of the risks when collaborating with any partner, particularly those unfamiliar. Pose questions of why they are looking to work with you, their motivations, and how your work with them may be used.An image from a lab for illustration only

 Things to remember are:
Core elements 
Are you being targeted? You should be aware of the current cyber security threat to UK universities and academia. Your personal data and intellectual property may be under threat from cyber criminals.
Are your ideas worth stealing?

Your ideas could be valuable to specific kinds of people. Consider the consequences of what would happen if your research fell into the wrong hands. If your research could make you a target, think about the appropriate steps you need to take to protect your research including data security.

Is your research attracting the wrong people? It's the responsibility of each researcher to check who's getting involved in their work. Look into the background of research partners. If the wrong people had access to your work, what might they be able to do with it?
Could your work end up in the wrong hands? Make sure all elements of work are kept secure. Make sure that you are up to date on the latest regulations and are storing data, personal information and other parts of your research securely.
How is your research being used? Research may be applied in different ways that weren't intended. Think how research results could be used and consider how to prevent partners or other people with access to research from doing this inappropriately.

Who’s funding your research?

How well do you know
your research partners?

Think about:
• What interests they represent and whether they conflict with those of the College their own
• Are there any conflicts of interest, or overlaps with other research
• Think about what the partner represents, and how they are connected with other organisations/countries

If in any doubt speak with the Research Office, or Faculty Research Services.

How much is your
reputation worth?
Security breaches, inappropriate or unethical use of research or unusual funding sources can all impact on the reputation or an individual researcher and the College.

Securing your research doesn’t end at cyber security; think beyond and think about the who, why, and what.

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