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The Law requires that you record the following information for every export or transfer made under an export licence, including Open General Export Licences (OGEL):

  • A description of the transfer;
  • Quantities and descriptions of the goods, software or technology exported;
  • The export date/date range;
  • Name and address of the exporter;
  • Name and address of any consignee and any recipient of the items;
  • Name and address of the end user of the items;
  • If different from the exporter, the name and address of the supplier of the items; and
  • Any specific information as set out in the conditions of the licence.

The Research Office collates this information on behalf of the College, enabling the College to keep a central and auditable record of export activity. The ECJU and HMRC regularly audit licence holders’ export records.

Information management plans

Because it can be difficult to record each of the thousands of electronic transfers of technology or software, such as through emails, virtual meetings, or phone calls to overseas partners, we advise you to implement an information management plan.

This plan regulates how you share controlled items with overseas partners and provides a clear record of all transfers made. Possible measures include:

  • Communicating with the overseas partner only from a dedicated email address;
  • Saving all emails exchanged with the overseas partner in a dedicated folder within your email client software (Outlook);
  • Keeping notes on all meetings with the overseas partner; and
  • Keeping all files shared with the overseas partner in a dedicated OneDrive folder or Microsoft Teams space.