Dashboard reporting uses Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) also known as Imperial College Analytics (ICA).

The Departmental Research Funding Dashboard arose from consultation with Departmental Heads and Departmental and Research Managers to improve strategic reporting specifically at a departmental level. The reports are intended for these roles; access outside of these roles would require specific departmental approval. Due to the sensitive nature of these reports, the data must not be quoted directly without first gaining approval from both the the relevant Departmental Manager and Faculty Research Strategy Manager.

The dashboard includes the following charts tailored for your department:

  • Monthly applications - price and number of applications
  • Monthly awarded projects - budget and number of awarded projects
  • Monthly research award expenditure

The above have both monthly and cumulative views, including DI staff and overhead breakdowns.

  • Pipeline report - project expenditure and balances prorated over project duration

Breakdowns per academic:

  • Applications per academic
  • Budget per academic
  • Expenditure per academic
  • Pipeline per academic

Other reports include:

  • Outcomes per funder - proposal outcomes over time
  • Budget per funder
  • Internal collaborations (departments)
  • External collaborations (institutions)
  • Top current funded keywords - based on relevant departmental themes
  • Overseas funding - funding sources by country
  • Award budgets by competitor - from publicly available datasets
  • Research income by competitor - according to HESA returns
  • Expertise identifier - academics most involved in research with selected keywords

Please email ro.managementinfo@imperial.ac.uk with any queries.