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BIEE Dashboard Reports User Guide [pdf] has more information, including a full list of operational reports.

Managing budgets and expenditure

Dashboard reporting uses Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) also known as Imperial College Analytics (ICA).

The Operational Dashboards were a product of the Maximising Value Programme (Minimising Risk Workstream) and are designed to help departmental staff manage their awards.

They give detailed information on awards, projects and proposals per faculty. Amongst other things they provide an easy-to-use tool to monitor expenditure against budgets.

Dashboard reports

Exception reports

These reports highlight key exceptions on research projects. These include reports on, for example, projects with equipment or staff budgets and no expenditure, and projects that have reached their end date and have not been closed.

Balance Management Report

This report shows project budgets, expenditure, commitments and balance (all excluding research partner amounts) for a selected department, cost centre, funder type or PI. The list is ordered with projects due to finish first at the top.

List of Projects

This report shows the full list of projects (and associated awards) for a selected department, cost centre, funder type or PI.

Other Reports

These reports include amongst others a Proposal List report for reporting on Worktribe application information and a Percentage Credit report for reporting on allocated academic credit.

The regular running and review of the exception reports is the responsibility of the academic departmental administration as per the Post Award Management Policy [pdf]  (minimum monitoring requirements are specifically detailed in Appendix VI).


To gain access to the operational dashboard reports you must have responsibility over a section / group, and have approval from your Departmental / Divisional Manager to view data for your faculty.

Note: if you are responsible for individual projects, might be a more appropriate reporting tool.

Once you have gained approval, please email the Research Office who will arrange your access with ICT.