Report2Web is a reporting system for viewing monthly spend and balance reports for selected projects - equivalent to a 'monthly statement' for project administrators / academics.

This is a useful alternative tool to Oracle BIEE for closely managing individual awards.

Reports can be run manually by those with access to ICIS and the Oracle Grants module:

  • Spend Detail – a detailed list of all transactions, including descriptions and reference numbers, for a chosen month or selection of months.
  • Spend Against Budget – a summary balance sheet report, showing spend against budget headings, including the amount spent in a chosen month.

On a monthly basis, Spend Against Budget and Spend Detail Reports from ICIS Grants are distributed to PIs, Departmental Administrators (DA) and Research Services through Report2Web.

In addition, reports are stored for up to three years on Report2Web.


Access to ICIS Grants is requested through the ICIS Authorisation system.

To receive research reports from Report2Web, please email

For any research management information queries please email