The Research Overview page allows a broad range of research funding reports, each with multiple views, with the ability to filter by various options.

The 12 reports available are:

  • Submission volumes
  • Submission Success
  • Awarded Project Volumes
  • Overseas Funding
  • Expenditure
  • Pipeline Report
  • Budget per Department
  • Budget per Funder
  • Budget per Academic
  • Top 10 Recent Budgets
  • Top Funded Keywords
  • External Collaborations

Filters can be applied for:

  • Funder Group
  • Funder Type
  • Funder
  • Faculty
  • Department/Division
  • Level 2 Analysis Code

The following are examples of charts available - please note these use sample data:

Example line graph from Research Overview dashboard

Above is a line chart trend report showing submission volumes over time.Example pie graph from Research Overview dashboard

Above is a pie chart showing distribution of overseas funders.