Ahmed Al-Sayed Grants Administrator

Anna-Marie Griffiths Senior Grants Administrator

Bal Singh Senior Grants Administrator

Christopher Khuoge Clinical Research Operations Manager

Dan Nicholls Technical Support Coordinator

Danielle Lowther Grants Administrator

Debbie Tucker Senior Grants Administrator

Dilshan Senanayake Grants Administrator

Dimitra Chormova Contracts Manager

Emily Hue Grants Administrator

Faisal Husain Research Costing Specialist

Fatima Hassan Research Administrator - Bank

Gaston Tshiota Grants Administrator

Giorgia Calaresu Contracts Negotiator

Heidi Saunders Head of Clinical Research Operations

Jayne Alderson Contracts Negotiator

Jo Burns Head of Clinical Research Operations (on secondment cover)

Jude Mtonga Research Contract Specialist

Julie Williams Grants Manager

Justine Lesforis Grants Manager

Karol Piotrowski Research Data Manager

Katerina Smehlikova Grants Administrator

Kirti Patel Contracts Manager

Kurt Romaquin Research Contract Specialist

Lila Lebruin Research Costing Specialist

Lisa Dinsdale Grants Administrator

Luam Ethiopia Research Costing Specialist

Ma Dancyl lonut Research Finance Administrator

Marie-Rose Dwek Research Contract Specialist

Martin Waller Grants Manager

Melanie Ewane Research Finance Coordinator

Mohammed Miah Senior Grants Administrator

Mulenji Zapita Research Contract Specialist

Nataleen Gould Grants Manager

Natalia Okele Senior Grants Administrator

Neema Shivraj Senior Grants Administrator

Paul Craven Head of Research Operations

Precious Chenjerai Clinical Trials Contract Manager

Proma Roy Contracts Negotiator

Raj Chitnavis Senior Grants Administrator

Rajvinder Sidhu Commercial Research costing Specialist

Reena Sharma Contracts Manager

Samrawit Gebremeskel Research Finance Assistant - Bank

Scott Wheatley Head of Grants

Tania Palalic Head of Contracts

Tracey Bernard-Small Senior Grants Administrator

Victor Abah Grants Manager

Yulia Borisova Contracts Manager

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