Simple, secure file sharing and collaboration from anywhere

Imperial College London has purchased an institutional licence for the use of the Box cloud content management and collaboration platform. Box is available to all departments, staff, researchers and academics, providing unlimited storage at no cost.

The Imperial College London Information Governance Steering Group has approved the use of Box for the management of research data as part of a commitment to provide infrastructure and support to researchers to help them meet their data management requirements as set out in the College Research Data Management Policy (pdf).

Box tabs

What is Box?

Box is a file content and collaboration tool that allows you to keep all your content in one place and access the content from anywhere.


  • allows access to online content from desktop and mobile devices via a browser
  • allows content to be shared safely and securely within and outside College
  • allows granular levels of access to groups and individuals including retention policies and expiry dates for shared information
  • allows a large variety of files to be viewed directly in the browser including text based files, presentations, images, audio and video files, and 3D files
  • provides powerful indexing and metadata management to allow you to find and consume your content faster
  • provides a variety of productivity plugin and integrations such as Office365, Google docs and over 1000 popular applications
  • provides automated backup and disaster recovery provision with guaranteed service level availability

The Box platform and organisation are fully compliant with all aspects of General Data Protection Regulation.

Getting started

Go to

  • Click on Continue.

box continue screen

  • Enter your College username and password as instructed on the page.

SSO credentials screen

  • You will then be logged in to Box!

To log out securely - please log out of your account within Box, and close your browser session.

Any questions? Please contact the ICT Helpdesk

College policy

Imperial College London  Policy

3.3 During the course of a research project, the PI must ensure their own and their group’s data (and use reasonable endeavours to ensure their collaborators’ research data) are stored and described in ways that will minimise the risk of loss and maximise the likelihood of future discoverability and re-use.

3.3.1 Minimum standards of data safety to be followed are published by ICT.

3.3.2 ICT will provide shared network storage that complies with these standards (see 6.1).

3.3.3 Research data are to be accompanied by adequate metadata and/or documentation to facilitate its identification and re-use.

6.1 ICT will make available appropriately resilient storage for research data during their collection and throughout the data lifecycle.