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AB - Social assistance robots in health and elderly care have the potential tosupport and ease human lives. Given the macrosocial trends of aging andlong-lived populations, robotics-based care research mainly focused on helpingthe elderly live independently. In this paper, we introduce Robot DE NIRO, aresearch platform that aims to support the supporter (the caregiver) and alsooffers direct human-robot interaction for the care recipient. Augmented byseveral sensors, DE NIRO is capable of complex manipulation tasks. It reliablyinteracts with humans and can autonomously and swiftly navigate throughdynamically changing environments. We describe preliminary experiments in ademonstrative scenario and discuss DE NIRO's design and capabilities. We putparticular emphases on safe, human-centered interaction procedures implementedin both hardware and software, including collision avoidance in manipulationand navigation as well as an intuitive perception stack through speech and facerecognition.
AU - Falck,F
AU - Doshi,S
AU - Smuts,N
AU - Lingi,J
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PY - 2019///
TI - Human-centered manipulation and navigation with robot DE NIRO
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