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Booking permissions by department and room type

As each department brings their rooms into the new system, the staff in the department gain access to book the shared and/or restricted rooms.  All staff are able to book open rooms.  (See below for an explanation of room types.)

Staff in all departments not listed below


 Academic Partnerships  Y  Y  
 Advancements  Y  Y  
 Campus Services  Y  Y  
 Central Secretariat  Y  Y  
 Communications & Public Affairs  Y  Y  
 Design Engineering  Y    Design Engineering restricted
 Education Office Student Services  Y  Y  
 Educational Development Unit  Y  Y  
 Enterprise  Y  Y  
 Estates Operations  Y  Y  
 Estates Projects  Y  Y  
 Finance  Y  Y  
 Faculty of Engineering Faculty Office  Y  Y  
 Faculty of Medicine Faculty Centre  Y  Y  
 Faculty of Natural Sciences Faculty Office  Y  Y  
 Health and Safety Services  Y  Y  
 Human Resources  Y  Y  
 ICT  Y  Y  ICT restricted
 Institute for Molecular Science and Engineering (IMSE)  Y  Y  Library restricted
 Institute for Security Science and Technology (ISST)  Y  Y  Library restricted
 Institute of Global Health Innovation (IGHI) Hamlyn Centre  Y  Y  Library restricted
 International Relations  Y  Y  
 Library  Y  Y  Library restricted
 Mathematics  Y    Physics and Mathematics restricted
 Mechanical Engineering  Y  Y  Mech Eng restricted
 Operational Excellence  Y  Y  OE restricted
 Physics  Y    Physics restricted, Physics and Mathematics restricted
 President's Office  Y  Y  
 Provost's Office  Y  Y  
 Registry  Y  Y  
 Research Office  Y  Y  
 School of Professional Development  Y  Y  
 SIMP team  Y  Y  
 Strategic Planning  Y  Y  
 Student Recruitment and Outreach  Y  Y  
 VP Education, Education Office  Y  Y  
Room types available to book for staff in each department

Rooms types:

  • Open - all staff are able to book
  • Shared - staff in departments that are sharing can book
  • Restricted - staff in specific departments can book, usually the department that owns the room

Some rooms are also moderated which means a person in the owning department must approve or decline each booking request.  

The room name contains the room type and whether or not it is moderated.