This page provides guides and information for each of the key roles in the room booking process.

Rooms can be booked using Outlook or Planon.

How to guides

Book rooms using Planon

Additional functions available in Planon

How to guides

Moderate requests

Moderators accept or decline requests using Planon

Room steward

Room stewards maintain the information about the rooms in Planon, are able to cancel bookings made by staff who have left College and run reports on room bookings.

Access to book rooms

All staff and contingent workers automatically have access to book "open" rooms. 

As each department brings their rooms into the system, staff in the department get access to those rooms and, for departments sharing their rooms, access to the growing pool of shared rooms.  See the Department permissions page for details of room access by department. 

Shared accounts and casual workers can be given access by request.  Email Estates Operations Customer Service Centre to raise a request. Please indicate which department permissions are required.

If you believe you should have access but are not able to book a room,  report an issue.