How to add or remove a moderator

Moderation is setup so that each room has a moderator group and that group has a shared email account where moderation requests are sent.  This allows more than one person to moderate a room.  Usually where a department has multiple rooms, there is one moderator group for all the rooms so that the moderators can act as backup for each other.

To add a person to an existing moderator group:

  1. The person must be given permission to use the moderator role account.  Submit a request to ICT to add them to the role account.  The owner of the role account must either submit the request or approve it before it is actioned.
  2. The person must be added to the moderator group in Planon.  Email Estates Customer Services Centre providing the userid or email address of the person to be added and a list of the rooms they will moderate.
  3. Once these requests have been completed, the person should add the moderator role account to their Outlook account so they will be notified when a moderator request comes in.  See instructions.
  4. They should also add the Room bookings to be approved gadget to their homepage in Planon.  See the RB Moderator's Guide for instructions.

To remove a person from an existing moderator group:

  1. Submit a request to ICT to remove them from the moderator role account.
  2. Email Estates Customer Services Centre to request the person is removed from the moderator group in Planon, providing the userid or email of the person and the list of rooms they will no longer moderate.
  3. The person should remove the role account from their Outlook.  See instructions.