The Henry Royce Institute
Introducing the Henry Royce Institute for advanced materials

The Royce Mission

The Henry Royce Institute supports world-recognised excellence in UK materials research, accelerating commercial exploitation of innovations and delivering positive economic and societal impact for the UK:

  • Enabling national materials research foresighting, collaboration and strategy
  • Providing access to the latest facilities and capability
  • Catalysing industrial collaboration and exploitation of materials research
  • Fostering materials science skills development, innovation training and outreach

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The UK National Institute for Advanced Materials

The Henry Royce Institute operates as a hub and spoke model, with the hub at The University of Manchester, and spokes at the founding partners, initially comprising of the universities of Sheffield, Leeds, Liverpool, Cambridge, Oxford and Imperial College London, as well as UKAEA and NNL. 

hub model

Advanced Materials for a Sustainable Society

The Henry Royce Institute’s vision of ‘Advanced Materials for a Sustainable Society’ is enabled through a UK-wide network of academic champions developing technology to address global challenges.

These challenges range from biomedical devices through plastics sustainability to energy-efficient devices; supporting key national targets such as our zero-carbon 2050 target.

Advanced Materials for a Sustainable Society infographic