Raith E- Beam Writer

The eLINE Plus is the optimum system for a broad bandwidth of nanofabrication applications with a single multifunctional electron beam lithography (EBL) system.

The advanced lithography infrastructure of eLINE Plus supports both ultra-high-resolution electron beam lithography and large-area nanofabrication. Moreover, eLINE Plus´s multifunctionality unites the worlds of electron beam lithography, nanoengineering, ultra-high resolution, and large-area SEM imaging, including dedicated features for metrology and process control.

eLINE Plus provides the following smart building blocks and concepts:

  • Advanced 30 kV TFE electron optical column technology
  • Innovative and unique stitch-error-free writing strategies
  • Dedicated features for automated waferscale metrology and process control
  • Laser Interferometer Stage
  • Multiple detector concept
  • Multiport vacuum chamber
  • Open and upgradable platform concept
  • Raith NanoSuite: comprehensive software interface with all modules fully integrated

The eLINE Plus is designed for ultimate flexibility and versatility in the field of multi-technique in-situ nanofabrication beyond classical electron beam lithography. Fully equipped with all nanoengineering options, the tool philosophy is aligned with the workflow “fabricate, relocate, modify, measure.”