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Magnetron Sputtering (HIPIMS)

Magnetron Sputtering (HIPIMS) 

The Magnetron Sputtering System is an ultra-high vacuum deposition system.   It consists of three sources for DC and RF magnetron sputtering. It has a 4” in diameter rotating substrate holder with a heating stage to 800°C and RF biasing option. The system has High-Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering (HiPIMS) deposition capability. It is equipped with two Ionautics’ HiPSTER 1 power supplies with Reactive Sputtering control and a HiPSTER synchronisation unit that allows the user to control the pulsing of both HiPSTER HiPIMS power supplies.

E-Beam Deposition System

The E-beam evaporation system is an ultra-high vacuum deposition system.   It consists of an MBE-Komponenten Multi Pocket Electron Beam Evaporator with 4 pockets, a hearth capacity 8 cm³ each, and a maximum power of 5kW. It has a 4” in diameter rotating substrate holder with a heating stage of 800°C and QCM to monitor the thin film growth and thickness.

It is used for the precise deposition of metal thin films.

Wide Beam Ion Milling

The scia Mill 150 is designed for highly uniform ion beam etching of single substrates up to 150 mm. The system is equipped with a circular broad beam ion source with a diameter of 218 mm. The source operates with inert gases (Ion Beam Etching) as well as with reactive gases (Reactive or Chemically Assisted Ion Beam Etching). The substrates will be mounted on a tiltable and rotatable substrate holder, which enables helium backside thermal contact for effective substrate cooling.

For faster processing and with stable process conditions a load lock system is installed, and samples of up to 150 mm in diameter are transferred automatically via the load lock into the process chamber.

A typical application is the nano- and micro structuring of complex multilayers of metallic and dielectric materials. An optical endpoint detection system is also integrated for the recognition of etched species and to apply a defined etch stop.


Inductively Coupled Plasma - Reactive Ion Etching (ICP-RIE)

The PlasmaPro 100 Cobra ICP RIE system utilises a high-density inductively coupled plasma to achieve fast etch rates. The process modules offer excellent uniformity, high-throughput, high-precision, and low-damage processes for wafer sizes up to 200mm, supporting several markets, including laser optoelectronics, power electronics, RF and MEMS, and sensors.

Surface Profiler

The Alpha-Step D-500 stylus profiler is capable of 2D step height measurement from a few nanometers up to 1200µm. The D-500 also supports 2D measurements of roughness, bow and stress for R&D and production environments. The D-500 stylus profilometer includes a manual 140mm stage and advanced optics with enhanced video controls.

Thin Film Analyser

The F20–UV is a thin film analyser that can measure thickness and refractive index in less than a second. Like all thickness measurement instruments, it connects to the computer's USB port and is set up in minutes.  The thickness measurement ranges between 1 nm – 40 μm, with a wavelength range between 190 – 1100 nm.   Features included in the F20–UV include an integrated spectrometer, a flattening filter for highly reflective substrates, a FILmeasure standalone software for remote data analysis, reflectance standards, thickness standards, an SS-3 sample stage with fibre optic cable and a TH1-lamp.