The Henry Royce Institute for advanced materials is offering access to state-of-the-art materials science and engineering equipment to support SMEs, spin-outs and start-ups.

The Royce SME Equipment Access Scheme is open to UK-based SMEs, spin-outs and start-ups and offers subsidised facilities access, perfect for businesses seeking solutions to materials analysis obstacles.

The scheme is designed to: 

  • Overcome cost barriers and derisk experimental materials-based R&D
  • Help pave the way for future collaborations with Royce

What equipment is available? 

As the national institute for advanced materials, Royce has an extensive catalogue of equipment including facilities to maketest and characterise materials.

Visit the Royce at Imperial equipment listing

Or browse the National Royce Equipment Catalogue.

Companies can identify a specific piece of equipment they require or discuss what techniques might work best for a materials-based analysis with our experienced Business Engagement and Research and Facilities Teams.

For more information contact Royce at Imperial or apply directly on The Henry Royce Institute homepage

How to apply:

Companies seeking access should be able to define how Royce facilities could help to address a materials-based analysis required for your business.

To apply, companies should complete and submit the application form on the Henry Royce websiteThis is designed to highlight the potential business value of the project and to identify equipment required or the need for a scoping discussion.

The scheme is an open call and runs on a de minimis (European Commission Regulation 1407/2013) basis so your business must be eligible to receive this in order to apply. A de minimus declaration must be completed and uploaded as part of the application.

Upon receipt of your application, technical experts from one of the Royce partners will work with you to develop the experimental project and schedule access to the appropriate equipment. There is a £500 fixed fee payable on acceptance of your application which will enable any project to begin; the remainder of the project costs are covered by the Henry Royce Institute up to a maximum of £10,000.

Projects must be completed by 20 March 2021.

Due to the nature of the scheme, Royce does not envisage generation of IP in most circumstances and as such, IP rights will continue to reside with the respective organisations which contribute them to any project.

For more information contact or apply directly on The Henry Royce Institute homepage