This versatile microscope combines high resolution imaging (0.2nm point resolution) with analytical capabilities.

The EM is used routinely for analysis of nano size particles to establish their size morphology and distributions. A wide range of materials (metals, ceramics, polymer rubber and tissues) in nano-scale can be supported on carbon film to study their crystal structure, and chemical compositions.

 Oxford Instruments ultra-thin window (capable of detecting light element Z>4) energy dispersive X-ray spectrometer (EDS) is used in this TEM for X-ray microanalysis of thin specimens. EDS offers a routine micro-analytical solution for determining nano-scale chemical variations in a sample.

Double tilt holders (+/- 35 degrees tilt) are available as an essential tool for examination of crystal structure and diffraction analysis. Cryo single tilt holders (+/- 45 degrees) enable the user to examine the microstructure of biological samples in sub-zero temperature. Experimental results can be recorded by a high resolution CCD camera.

The new JEOL STEM/TEM 2100Plus LaB6 source filament is a multi-purpose Transmission Electron Microscope, with an advanced control system for enhanced ease of operation.