Agilent B1500A Semiconductor Device Analyzer is an all-in-one analyser that supports current-voltage (IV) measurements of spot, sweep, sampling and pulse measurement in the range of 0.1 fA - 1 A / 0.5 μV - 200 V, and AC capacitance measurement in multi-frequency from 1 kHz to 5 MHz and Quasi-Static Capacitance-Voltage (QS-CV)IV, CV, pulse/dynamic IV measurements and more. It is designed for all-round characterisation from basic to cutting-edge applications.

It provides a wide range of measurement capabilities to cover the electrical characterisation and evaluation of devices, materials, semiconductors, active/passive components, or virtually any other type of electronic device with uncompromised measurement reliability and efficiency.

The Agilent 4287A RF LCR meter offers accurate, reliable and fast measurements from 1 MHz to 3 GHz to improve quality and throughput of electronic component testing in production lines. The 4287A employs the direct-current voltage-measurement technique, as opposed to the reflec-tion-measurement technique which yields accurate measurements over a wide impedance range.

Agilent 8722ES vector network analyzer covers the frequency range of 300 kHz to 50 GHz, and allows complete characterization of RF and microwave components. The 8722ES includes an integrated synthesized source, test set and tuned receiver. The built-in S-parameter test set provides a full range of magnitude and phase measurements in both the forward and reverse directions. Built-in vector accuracy enhancement techniques include full two-port, adapter-removal, and optional TRL calibration.