Updated 21 July 2021

From Monday 19 July, we still expect everyone to wear a face covering indoors. This applies to most indoor settings on campus, with some local exceptions and unless you are exempt. 

Outdoors, it's up to you. 

When you need to wear a face covering indoors: 

  • If you are moving around in a building, including in halls of residence 
  • If you are working in close proximity of colleagues 
  • If the ventilation within the building is poor. 

Work is currently ongoing to assess the ventilation in different office spaces and more guidance will be provided in due course.  

If you cannot wear a face covering

Some people will be exempt from wearing a face covering due to a physical or mental illness or disability. If you are exempt, please visit the Hidden Disabilities webpage (log in required).

Frequently asked questions

What does ‘close proximity’ mean?

Less than two metres. This means you need to wear a face covering if you are working within two metres of colleagues.

Do I still need to wear a face covering if I am double vaccinated?

Yes. People who have received two vaccine doses can still catch and transmit COVID asymptomatically.