Imperial’s COVID-19 Management Plan has been written to provide a coherent and complete guide to outbreak control within the College and protect the health of our students and staff, and the public. Our risk assessments, COVID-secure protocols and asymptomatic testing programme means that we can be aware of a potential outbreak early and take immediate appropriate action to contain it.

The plan aims to aid identification of sources of infection and implement control measures to prevent further spread or recurrence by focusing on Test, Trace and Contain. The plan has been written in collaboration with local authorities, Public Health England and the London Coronavirus Response Cell.

The plan has seven main sections:

  • Pre-emptive safety measures and protocols
  • COVID-19 governance structure
  • Notifications and monitoring
  • Behavioural compliance
  • Scenario planning
  • Communication
  • Education: tiers and restrictions of teaching provision

In the document you will also find scenario plans, draft communications, codes of conduct and the outbreak management checklist.