Jeffrey Sachs, Director of the Earth Institute, Columbia University

Jeremy SachsComprehensive, Africa-wide control of malaria and NTDs together would probably cost no more than $3 billion per year, or just two days of Pentagon spending. If each of the billion people in the rich world devoted the equivalent of one $3 coffee per year to the cause, several million children every year would be spared of death and debility, and the world would be spared the grave risks when disease and despair run unchecked. A new Global Network for Neglected Tropical Disease Control is helping make this opportunity a reality.

Scientific American January 2007

Senator Sam Brownback

Senator Sam BrownbackIt is unacceptable that neglected diseases like leprosy, hookworm, and river blindness cause over 500,000 deaths annually. A total of 13 such diseases afflict the poor in Africa, Asia, and the Americas, and I am hopeful that this [Orphan Drug Voucher] amendment will work toward reducing deaths and suffering from these diseases.

May 2007

Clinton Global Initiative, Closing Remarks

Bill ClintonIt quickly became clear that this story is not just about the staggering numbers of the world's citizens overwhelmed by HIV, AIDS, TB, and malaria. And it's not just the story about one billion people who are afflicted with disabling, oftentimes stigmatizing, neglected tropical diseases, such as human hookworm infection and elephantiasis... it's all about the faces of dying children and sick mothers who haunt those who have seen them...What struck me, and what I think struck us all...that these challenges are all interconnected.