SCI needs as little as 50 pence per person

per year, to facilitate delivery of treatments in Africa.


Treating NTDs is a ‘best buy’ in public health according to The World Health Organization (WHO).

We treat children and at risk adults for schistosomiasis and soil transmitted helminths (STH - whipworm, hookworm, roundworm), preventing anaemia, impaired growth and development in children and the development of life-threatening conditions of bladder cancer, kidney malfunction or liver and spleen damage.

SCI assists Ministries of Health across sub-Saharan Africa to control and then eliminate schistosomiasis and STH from their population utilising the World Health Organization’s Drug Donation Programme for praziquantel and albendazole. 230 million people, one-third of the total population of Africa, need a regular annual treatment of praziquantel, and 400 million people need a regular annual treatment of albendazole, to eliminate these parasitic diseases from their bodies.