by Aditi Vakil

Three short months is all the while-
Or should it just count as one instant-
For the time it took
For this all to begin
For the birth of the Change of the World? 

A dry cough in December
Two aches and a slight fever
Rendered helpless human armies of healers;
The 'normal', shattered
Millions battered
New meaning has E-arth now gathered

And all those things
We'd learn about 
Public Health and Biostatistics-
Turned Practical now,
Every formula in play
Instruction in the most painful of ways 

While countless battles
Removed of the illness
Drown together in the gasps for a breath
And mortal spirits
Pushed to the limits
Flounder now to make it to the next minute

Who, ever, could have imagined this?
At the very least, not me
Which is why it's Hope I now court:
If something this horrific 
Could befall man so quick 
Without so much as a flicker of warning...  

Who's to say
So too, can't hold true, 
For something as equally good?