Doctor speaking with patient in hospital

Our research in this area focuses on the professional identity development of both medical students and medical educators. Development of professional identities is key to supporting students in the transition to becoming doctors who practice in ethical and professional ways.  Our work considers how identity development might best be supported using a range of innovative methods including medical humanities and longitudinal clerkships. Our current research projects include exploring the professional identity development of students in both the early years and within longitudinal clerkships, the influence of the hidden curriculum on professional identities and the impact of primary care placements on patient-centred approaches to medicine.  

We work with both national and international collaborators to explore to similarities and differences in identity development across contexts. 


Selected presentations

Chan SCC, Mediratta S, Smith R, Yuan J, Gajria C, Gunning E, Singh S, Jones M, Parekh R, Kumar S & Park S. (2019) ‘The Hidden Curriculum: An Ethnographic Exploration of Students' Perceptions of General Practice’. Oral presentation at SAPC, Madingley, January 2019  

Winning, J. and Thacker, N (2019) ‘The Art of Medicine - using humanities to move from knowledge to wisdom’ Oral Presentation at SAPC, Madingley, January 2019 

Kumar, S., Maini, A., and Horsburgh, J. (2019) ‘A qualitative study of an approach to change management in medical education’ Poster presentation at DEMEC, Manchester, December 2019