What is the F-Zero course?

The F-Zero course is an innovative new course based in Year 6 (final year) of the Imperial MBBS course. The course is based on the model of Longitudinal Integrated Clerkship (LIC), backed by international evidence and our own research and innovation at Imperial.

F-Zero students will be based in GP, Medicine & Surgery all the way through their academic year (July to February), learning how to integrate primary and secondary care, whilst taking a meaningful and authentic role in the care of patients and in their respective clinical teams.

30 students have self-selected to take part in the course in 2019-2020 which will be replacing the traditional Year 6 curriculum at Imperial. They will be based at Northwick Park Hospital and a surrounding GP practice that refers to Northwick for the whole of the academic year. Each student will have 3 supervisors: a GP, medical consultant and surgical consultant.

What will the students do?

The F-Zero students are expected to take an apprenticeship approach to their patients, starting to see patients and manage them like a foundation doctor. This moves away from the passive nature of traditional medical education, towards our students taking a meaningful and purposeful role with their patients and feeling truly prepared for clinical practice as a qualified doctor.

During their time in Northwick Park hospital, the students will have two “home” teams which will be a general medical and surgical team. Their routine work will be in managing a selected number of patients like an FY1 under close supervision as part of the wider ward team (including presentation at the ward round, arranging investigations, liaising with colleagues, family, discharge planning, managing unwell patients). Over the year, they will be expected to attend 3 “burst” weeks in A&E, Acute Medicine and Acute Surgery.

As the students are at the same GP practice and wards for the whole year, they will have the flexibility to follow patients through their journey, understanding the consequences of their decisions, following up investigations, referrals and management plans. For e.g. they may choose to follow a patient they have clerked in/are looking after for an endoscopy, surgical procedure or an MDT.

If you would like to know more please contact the F-Zero course leads:

Dr Ravi Parekh

Dr Andy McKeown