Imperial staff members who wish to pursue a Research Degree should first discuss the idea with their line-manager and secure a potential supervisor.  Prior to applying the work/study balance should be determined to ensure staff members have sufficient time to dedicate to their Research Degree.

Staff may be eligible for a fee remission, however they will be liable for the remaining portion of fees. Please note, should a staff member terminate their employment with Imperial during their studies, they will become liable for the full tuition fee.

Entry Requirements

Staff must meet the standard entry requirements for the degree, including English Language requirements where necessary. They should also submit a contract with their application. Contracts should be for a least 12 months; preferably they would cover the minimum registration period of the degree though.

Applicants who do not meet the entry requirements should discuss their application with the PhD Administrator.


Staff members will be registered as part-time, however they have the option to follow the full-time milestone structure.

Minimum registration for a full-time PhD is 33 months and 24 months for the full-time MD(Res).

Part-time students are expected to be registered for a minimum of 48 months.

Application Details

Applications should be submitted through the Imperial College postgraduate page and candidates must select the “Staff Research Students” option on the online form.

Applicants should also complete the below documents and return them to the PhD Administrator who will obtain the Director of Postgraduate Studies Signature: