Inuit communities understand whale behaviour in their waters better than the specialists from outside. Ambiguities in scientific messaging lead to deaths when an earthquake strikes in central Italy. Truth, trust and certainty are not a given. The relationship between science and society is not straightforward. So what’s the role of the science communicator?

These podcasts, featuring a group of the MSc students and lecturers Gareth Mitchell and Stephen Webster, examine the beliefs and activities you encounter on our masters programme. They are part of the ‘Minding Science’ collaboration underway between Imperial’s Science Communication Unit and four Polish universities. We ask two main questions. Firstly, why study communication at university? Secondly, how can science communication promote better science/society relations?

The podcasts show us at work. They reveal our belief that the best science communication training requires interactive teaching, strong input from the humanities, and serious coaching in advanced technical skills.

Featuring Jay Balamarugan, Sophie Burley, Laura Rodriguez Bello, Leigh West, Dave Warrell, Charlotte Burton, Isobel Chandler, Urszula Kaczorowska, Gareth Mitchell and Stephen Webster.

Episode 1 - Uncertainty

Episode 2 - Authority, trust and doubt

Episode 3 - Getting practical

Episode 4 - What are universities for?