Financial systems are exposed to complex and high-impact cyber, cyber-physical and physical threats. Such threats may arise from external actors aiming to generate financial gains or cause disruption, or may be a result of internal system faults or human errors.

We combine financial engineering and anomaly detection techniques to develop security protocols and forensic algorithmic tools with a specific focus on three areas:

  • Identifying suspicious complex financial transactions.
  • Immunizing hedge funds and other high trade volume generators from cyber/physical attacks.
  • Intercepting in a timely fashion rogue orders routed to financial exchanges before they cause system-wide contagion.

Security of Financial Systems (also called 'FinSec') is an area of research currently being developed at the Institute for Security Science and Technology. We're exploring potential projects and collaborations and will upload information here as this develops. 

Dr Deeph Chana (ISST Deputy Director) and Dr PJ Beaghton (ISST Associate Director) are both Co-Leads of the Imperial College FinTech Network.

Please feel free to contact one of the Institute members below should you be interested.


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