The Shock and High Strain Rate Properties of Matter

September 7th-10th 2010, Cavendish Laboratory at Cambridge University

The Institute of Shock Physics in association with the Cavendish Laboratory


The conference dealt with areas relevant to shock both in the gas and condensed phases, covering theoretical, experimental & numerical approaches. Subjects focused on new areas which are becoming increasingly relevant to the Shock Community including; new material types, medical physics, reaction pathways, granular materials and novel diagnostics. Invited speakers provided keynote addresses in each of these areas.  There were focus sessions on 'Shock and Detonation Waves - the Formation of MACH and von Neuman Reflection' and 'Biological Materials and Effects'.  Contributed papers formed the major part of the conference and these will be published in the journal Shock Waves in a special edition.  View a photo of the large group of international attendees.

ISWI Relevant colloquia are held by our colleagues at Cavendish and can be found at the following link: Cavendish Colloquia

Local Organising Committee

Dr W G Proud (Imperial College London)
Dr D M Williamson (Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge)
Dr S M Walley (Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge)

Scientific Committee

Prof K Takayama (ISWI, Japan)
Prof Y Hori (AFRL/RW, Eglin AFB, USA)
Dr L Chhabildas (AFRL Eglin Air Force Base, USA)
Dr D Williamson (University of Cambridge, UK)
Prof S Rose (Imperial College London, UK)
Prof J E Field (University of Cambridge, UK)
Dr I Cullis (QinetiQ, UK)
Dr E Buzaud (CEA, France)
Dr F Llorca (CEA, France)
Prof B E Milton (University of New South Wales, Australia)
Dr W Cooper (AFRL/RW, Eglin AFB, USA)
Prof Gabi Ben-Dor (Ben-Gurion University, Israel)
Prof S Balachander (University of Florida, USA)
Dr K P J Reddy (Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore)
Prof Z Jiang (Institute of Mechanics, CAS, Beijing ,China)
Dr Fan Zhang (DRDCC, Suffield, Canada)

Sponsorship from EOARD 

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