February 2010, Royal Society, London

The following is a complete list of talks and poster presentations given at the meeting, with links to presentations provided, where available:

Talk titleSpeakerRepresenting
The strain rate response of sands Bill Proud Imperial College London
Shock waves in the physics of condensed matter Gennady Kanel Russian Academy of Sciences
A comparison of two and three dimensional multi-scale simulations as applied to porous heterogenous materials View document (A Comparison of two and three...) John Borg Marquette University
From static to dynamic (and in-between): the response of polymer bonded explosives View document (From Static to Dynamic...) David Williamson Cambridge University
Dynamic compression experiments using pulsed magnetic compression Marcus Knudson Sandia National Laboratory 
Pulsed power driven shock physics experiments in the ISP Simon Bland Imperial College London
Exotic behaviour of matter at extreme densities Gilbert Collins  Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
What can two diamonds do?  Eugene Gregoryanz  Edinburgh University 
Intense shock waves and extreme states of matter Vladimir Fortov Russian Academy of Sciences
Predicting time-dependent properties of polymers Peter Gould QinetiQ 
Lateral gauge response in polymers Gareth Appleby-Thomas Cranfield University
Impact cratering: shock physics on a planetary scale Gareth Collins Imperial College London 
Quasi-static and dynamic compaction of porous materials Yehuda Partom RAFAEL
Static vs dynamic high pressure-high temperature experiments: tin as an example Paul McMillan University College London
Proton radiography: studying dynamic properties of shock-loaded materials  Cynthia Schwartz  Los Alamos National Laboratory
An AWE perspective  Ron Winter  AWE
Poster titleSubmitted byRepresenting
Energetic and materials research at the Cavendish Laboratory David Williamson Cambridge University
Numerical simulations of detonations in heterogeneous explosives &
Multi-phase flows in inhomogeneous liquid explosives
Nikos Nikiforakis Cambridge University
The behaviour of RTM-6 under shock loading David Wood Cranfield Universi ty
The dynamic response of porcine fat  James Wilgeroth Cranfield Un iversity
Imperial Blast - biomechanics and biophysics reseach group  Kate Brown Imperial College London
Using micron-scale hypervelocity impact crater morphologies to validate the ultra-high strain rate strength of Tantalum View (Using micron-scale hypervelocity...) Mark Burchell Kent University
Department of extreme states of matter of IPCP RAS Sergey Razorenov Russian Academy of Sciences
1. Shock-wave behaviour of metals in and out of structure-unstable states
2. Nonlocal model for shock-induced structure unstable state
Yury Meshcheryakov Russian Academy of Sciences 
Dynamic material studies on pulsed power generators at Sandia Tommy Ao Sandia National Laboratory
Static high pressure investigation of the melting line of Sn Dominik Daisenberger University College London
Rapid granular free-surface flow past a cylindrical obstacle Xinjun Cui University of Wales