Academic Visitors & Collaborators

Imperial College London

Plasma Physics Group - MAGPIE project

Applied Modelling and Computation Group (Department of Earth Sciences & Engineering)


Centre for Blast Injury Studies

  • Dr Anthony Bull
  • Dr Hari Arora
  • Dr David Sory
  • Dr Thuy-Tien Nguyen
  • Dr Spyros Masouros

UK and Overseas

University College London - 
Static High Pressure Group 
Professor Paul McMillan
Dr Furio Cora
Research Associate: Dr Ana Jorge-Sobrido
Dr Richard Briggs
Melissa Cutler

Cranfield University - 
Dynamic Response Group
Dr Gareth Appleby-Thomas
Senior Lecturer / Head of the Dynamic Response Group
Laboratory Manager: Mr Andrew Roberts

Oxford University
Justin Wark, Professor of Physics
Dr Thomas White, RA 

University of Edinburgh - 
Extreme Conditions Group
Professor Malcolm McMahon
Dr Eugene Gregoryanz
Dr Ross Howie

University of Kent - Impact Studies
Professor Mark Burchell

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (US) -
High Energy Density Physics

Professor Gilbert 'Rip' Collins
Dr Damien Hicks
Dr Damian Swift 

Los Alamos National Laboratory (US) -
Neutron Science Centre

Dr Cynthia Schwartz
Dr Laura Smilowitz

Russian Academy of Sciences
Professor Vladimir Fortov
Professor Gennady Kanel
Professor Sergey Razorenov
Dr Gennady Garkushin
Dr Andrey Savinykh

Military Technical Academy, Romania
Associated Professor Marin Lupoae
Dr Catalin Baciu

Chinese Academy of Sciences, CAS
Dr Rong Yang

Other Visitors

Dr Kate Brown
Dr Colin Danson
Dr Alan Dawes
Professor Bradley Dodd
Dr Peter Keightley
Prof. Alexis Rusinek
Dr Ruth Tunnell