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AB - Trauma arising from landmines and improvised explosive devices promotes heterotopic ossification, the formation of extra-skeletal bone in non-osseous tissue. To date, experimental platforms that can replicate the loading parameter space relevant to improvised explosive device and landmine blast wave exposure have not been available to study the effects of such non-physiological mechanical loading on cells. Here, we present the design and calibration of three distinct in vitro experimental loading platforms that allow us to replicate the spectrum of loading conditions recorded in near-field blast wave exposure. We subjected cells in suspension or in a three-dimensional hydrogel to strain rates up to 6000 s-1and pressure levels up to 45 MPa. Our results highlight that cellular activation is regulated in a non-linear fashion - not by a single mechanical parameter, it is the combined action of the applied mechanical pressure, rate of loading and loading impulse, along with the extracellular environment used to convey the pressure waves. Finally, our research indicates that PO MSCs are finely tuned to respond to mechanical stimuli that fall within defined ranges of loading.
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