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AB - The charge states of ions in dense plasmas fluctuate due to collisionalionization and recombination. Here we show how, by modifying the ioninteraction potential, these fluctuations can mediate energy exchange betweenthe plasma electrons and ions. Moreover, we develop a theory for this novelelectron-ion energy transfer mechanism. Calculations using a random walkapproach for the fluctuations suggest that the energy exchange rate from chargestate fluctuations could be comparable to direct electron-ion collisions. Thismechanism is, however, predicted to exhibit a complex dependence on thetemperature and ionization state of the plasma, which could contribute to ourunderstanding of significant variation in experimental measurements ofequilibration times.
AU - Baggott,RA
AU - Rose,S
AU - Mangles,SPD
DO - 10.1103/PhysRevLett.127.035002
PY - 2021///
SN - 0031-9007
TI - Temperature equilibration due to charge state fluctuations in dense plasmas
T2 - Physical Review Letters
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VL - 27
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