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AB - Inertial Confinement Fusion (ICF) is a subject that has been studied for decades, because of its potential for clean energy generation. Although thermonuclear fusion has been achieved, the energy out has always been considerably less than the energy in, so high energy gain with a burning thermonuclear plasma is still some way off. A multitude of new science has come from the ICF programme that is relevant outside the field (typically in astrophysics). What we look at in this text is what new science can come from the much more extreme conditions that would be created in the laboratory if a burning ICF plasma could be created -- in terms of energy density the most extreme macroscopic environment ever created. We show that this could impact science from particle physics through astrophysics and on to cosmology. We also believe that the experiments that we propose here are only a small part of the science that will be opened up when a burning thermonuclear plasma is created in the laboratory.
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