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AB - The dynamic fracture and fragmentation of a material is a complex late stage phenomenon occurring in many shock loading scenarios. Improving our predictive capability depends upon exercising our current failure models against new loading schemes and data. We present axially-symmetric high strain rate (104 s−1) expansion of Ti-6Al-4V cylinders using a single stage light gas gun technique. A steel ogive insert was located inside the target cylinder, into which a polycarbonate rod was launched. Deformation of this rod around the insert drives the cylinder into rapid expansion. This technique we have developed facilitates repeatable loading, independent of the temperature of the sample cylinder, with straightforward adjustment of the radial strain rate. Expansion velocity was measured with multiple channels of photon Doppler velocimetry. High speed imaging was used to track the overall expansion process and record strain to failure and crack growth. Results from a cylinder at a temperature of 150 K are compared with work at room temperature, examining the deformation, failure mechanisms and differences in fragmentation.
AU - Jones,DR
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