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AB - The short pulse duration, small effective source size and high flux of synchrotronradiation is ideally suited for probing a wide range of transient deformationprocesses in materials under extreme conditions. In this paper, the challenges ofhigh-resolution time-resolved indirect X-ray detection are reviewed in thecontext of dynamic synchrotron experiments. In particular, the discussion istargeted at two-dimensional integrating detector methods, such as those focusedon dynamic radiography and diffraction experiments. The response of ascintillator to periodic synchrotron X-ray excitation is modelled and validatedagainst experimental data collected at the Diamond Light Source (DLS) andEuropean Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF). An upper bound on thedynamic range accessible in a time-resolved experiment for a given bunchseparation is calculated for a range of scintillators. New bunch structures aresuggested for DLS and ESRF using the highest-performing commerciallyavailable crystal LYSO:Ce, allowing time-resolved experiments with aninterframe time of 189 ns and a maximum dynamic range of 98 (6.6 bits).
AU - Rutherford,ME
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