Celebrating 75 years of Silwood Park at Imperial  


'For decades Silwood Park has been world famous for its ecologists and evolutionary biologists. In the 20th century its researchers revolutionized ecology and the study of animal behaviour. Today they’re tackling some of the great problems of our time: pandemics, the extinction crisis, and global warming. It is where life on earth – all of it – finds a home at Imperial.' Professor Armand Leroi

2022 marks the 75th anniversary of Silwood Park at Imperial College London. We are celebrating this milestone with a variety of exciting events and activities over the coming months, showcasing the unique history, culture and achievements of the campus, as well as looking ahead at what the future might hold.

Join us to explore the history of Silwood Park Campus and learn about the exciting ecological research, teaching and outreach work that takes place on campus today.

Events 1a

Silwood Park 75th Anniversary Exhibition

21-27 November 2022 - all day
South Kensington College Main Entrance
Open to all