Current committee members

Member Role
Jacob Cook Committee co-chair
Miles Nesbit Committee co-chair
Kieran Storer Committee member
Loveline Martin Committee member
Jack Arthur Committee member


At present, we do not have a dedicated email account for the seminar committee. So if you have any queries or suggestions about the seminar, please contact Jacob Cook or Miles Nesbit.


Previous committee members/seminar series organisers

The table below lists former seminar committee members. It also lists former organisers of the seminar series, i.e. people who ran the seminar series prior to the seminar committee forming. The list of former organisers is very very far from complete. If you are someone who previously organised the Silwood seminar and wish to be included on this list please do contact us.

  Roles Tenure
Tom Smith Seminar organiser/co-organiser Autumn term 2021 – Summer term 2023